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At Estrella, caring for people and the environment is a fundamental value that is evident in our HSE programs.

Estrella has developed a culture of strong commitment to HSE, which has allowed us to move from managing incidents to preventing them. Our programs focus on the goal of eliminating unsafe acts and conditions by encouraging all employees, through empowerment at any level and in all activities, to stop any act that is unsafe. The goal is to demonstrate that “ZERO Incidents” is achievable.


At Estrella, caring for Estrellas is committed to integrating the best practices developed over the years in all lines of business into a single coherent plan. With this and other initiatives we have achieved that the company is among the best qualified in the industry.


Estrella works on new products and processes that are aimed at reducing the carbon footprint – the emissions contained in each download.

These efforts reflect our high commitment to minimizing environmental impact, optimizing the resources entrusted to our care, and providing a safe and healthy work environment.


At Estrella we rely on teamwork sharing a single vision, which enables us to obtain a synergistic effect on results.

Our work is part of a set of strategies, procedures and methodologies that are fundamental for the human group to reach the proposed goal.


The people who make up Estrella respect and comply with HSE standards, which is vital for all activities to be carried out effectively.

We have an excellent performance in HSE, this is a collective achievement of which we are proud.
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