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HISTORY 2001-2022

ESTRELLA INTERNATIONAL was born from the merger of two (2) companies with a presence in Latin America; on the one hand, SAN ANTONIO INTERNACIONAL with experience in the Oil & Gas market since 1994, and on the other hand, ESTRELLA PETROLERA, a company created in Argentina where it began operations in 2005 in Comodoro Rivadavia, from where it quickly expanded to Neuquén and Chile. , in Punta Arenas, with the provision of BHA tools and Drill Bits. In 2007. Estrella is the first Company to introduce high technology equipment (AC-VFD) in Colombia and Argentina, beginning the provision of drilling services; In Chile, it participates in important geothermal projects and is emerging as a leading drilling company.


Estrella begins operations in Bolivia and consolidates alliances with the companies SDI and RDS. Then it becomes the first company with general management in Argentina listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, Canada.

Estrella had a rapid expansion in South America providing high quality services with state-of-the-art equipment.




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